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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hello Everyone! My Name Is Bridgette. I'm 18. I Live In A Very Shitty Little Town In The Most Redneck State In America. Yes, I'm Talking About Arkansas. I Have A Normal Life, Somewhat, A Shitty Job ( Who Doesn't?), And A Crazy Family ( Again, Who Doesn't?). My Life Is Boring For The Most Part. I Have More Friends Than I Think. Most Of Them Guys. They Make Good Friends. The Love Of My Life, Shawn. My Annoying Exs. And Best Friends. We've Got Amber. If I Don't Talk To Her For A While, She'll Call Me While I'm At Work And Leave Me A Funny Voice-mail Reminding Me That She Still Exists. My Childhood Friend, Sadie. She Brings Out My Nerdy Side. And I Love Her For It, Because It's More Me Than Anything Else. We've Got Bridget, Who I Stole From My Sister. I'd Rather Consider Bridget As My Sister. Then Steven. I Call Him My Best Friend, Because He's The Only One At Work I Can Talk To And Not Worry About Everyone Knowing. And Logan. Logan Is The Craziest Kid I've Ever Known. But He's My Bestest Buddy In The Whole World. I Tell Him Everything. He Knows What's Happening In My Life. He's My Personal Therapist. And Then We Have Shawn. The Love Of My Life. Over The 4 Years I've Known Him, We've Had A Lot Of Hard Times. When We First Met, I Know I Fell In Love. We Talked All The Time. Then My Best Friend At The Time Ruined Our Relationship By Telling Him If My Mom Found Out I Was Dating Him, He'd Go To Jail. We Have A 4 Year Age Difference, So That's Why There Was Concern. But After 3 Years, Not Having Any Contact With Him At All, Seeing Him In The Dollar Store I Practically Live In, And 2 Hours Of Searching, I Found Him On Facebook. We Started Talking Again, And It's Like 3 Years Was 3 Days. We Never Stopped Loving One Another, And Got Back Together. His Family Is A Big Hindrance, Because They Don't Want Us To Be Together. Like A 21st Century Romeo And  Juliet. A Fucked Up One If I Might Add. But Thank God For Email. We Won't Be Getting Miscommunicated And Off Ourselves. My Parents Like Him Though. They Said He's Very Polite, And My Mom Said She Can Tell He Genuinely Likes Me. Going On To My Job. I Work At Sonic. For Those Who Don't Know What Sonic Is, It's A Food Chain That Is Like Hell. Some Stores Have A Drive Thru, But Some, Like The One I Work At, Don't. I Spend 6-8 Hours A Day, 6 Days A Week, Running Back And Forth Waiting On People. It's Not The Best. But It Pays The Bills. Right Now I'm Being Used As A Bed By My Sister's Cat, Stormy. My Sister, Jennifer, Is The Oldest Child. She's A Senior In College. She's Studying Criminal Justice. Her Boyfriend Of 5 Years (Or Something Like That), Alex, Is A Junior In College, And Is Studying Meteorology. He Had The Grand Idea At One Point That He Was Going To Be A Storm Chaser. I'm not Sure If He's Still Going To Do That. My Parents Are Happily Living Together. (-.-) My Mom Works In A Furniture Factory, And My Dad Works 6 Months Out Of The Year For The National Park Service. My Sister Works At T.J. Maxx and Alex Works At The Sonic In The Town They Live In. I Have A Cat And A Dog. The Cat Is Actually My Sisters. Her Name's Stormy. My Dog I Got From My Grandparents When They Past. She's A Toy Poodle, And Her Name Is Ginger. I Love Her. (: <3. I LOVE Hello Kitty, The Walking Dead, And Video Games. I Have A Strange Obsession With Criss Angel, And Would Move To A Cardboard Box In Vegas, Just To See Him. (LOL). I Got My G.E.D..... And That's Pretty Much It. I Started A Blog, So I Can Rant And Reach Out To People. So If You Read This, And Would Like A Strangers Opinion On Something, Or Want To Hear A Funny Rant, This Will Be The Place! If You Enjoy, Recommend Me To Your Friends. Or If You Know Someone Who Needs Some Good Advice, Send Them A Link. I Want YOUR Input! Comment And Tell Me How I'm Doing. Whatever! So Thanks For Reading, And I'll Keep Blogging If I Get A Steady Amount Of Readers!

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